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Happy July everyone!

Hope you are all having a lovely summer. Well done to Emily for putting on an amazing concert at the URC raising money for St Nicholas hospice - the talent was extraordinary. 

Jean Collins is doing the pink ladies tractor run. Here's the link if you'd like to support her on July 7th. 

They leave Thorpe Abbotts airfield at 11.30am, process through Harleston Street at approx 12.30pm,  then, after sharing a lunch with friends and families at Gawdy Hall, resume the run at 3pm and return to Thorpe Abbotts at approx. 4.30pm.


Penny Shepherd is also doing the tractor run and here is her link if you're able to support her.

​I'll be putting those photos on shortly....... promise!













If you've made it this far down the page - well done! Hope you all have a great summer xx



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