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Well, what a fabulous way to end our 2023-24 season. You looked relaxed, smiley and, at the start of the concert, I felt that the atmosphere was similar to the last day of term at school - and that was always a happy day :) I really enjoyed Oliver, You raise me up and Les Mis but have a suspicion that 'This is me' will haunt me for a few weeks to come! Never mind, I always think you need things like that to happen to make you appreciate live performance. I think it was testament to us and the choice of material that people came to Attleborough and then came again to the URC to hear us for a second time. Well done!

I've said many times how lucky we are that so many of you have stepped up this year to do solos - 19 of you! So, thank you to:

Andrew, Cailin,  Caroline, Chrissy, Claire, David, David, Debbie, Emily, Emma, Gerry, Judith, Louise, Neil, Patsy, Penny, Peter, Rhianna and Romayne for stepping up and taking the lead. 

Thank you also to the 3rd row altos -  Caroline, Emma, Janice, Jean, Jean, Louise and Penny for your song last night (and for asking me to join in). And for the front row altos  who joined them for the Les Mis bit - Andrea, Gerry, Jackie, Jane and Margaret - good job!

Thanks to Paddy who organises the concert venues and liases with the churches. Jean, Paddy, Pauline and David for helping to set up in 'away' venues (!) and for Chrissy, Helen (and husband Chris!), Josie, Lesley and Peter who help us set up at the URC.  Thank you Pauline  for manning the doors and being such a welcoming person. 

Lastly, thank you Cailin for the amazing posters and tickets. 

I have some pictures that Phil S took for us. I'll add them when I've got a bit more time. 


Below, in the events section, are some charity events that members would like some help with if you are able.  And here is the info about Jonathan Young's funeral. 


The creative Fen group have an exhibition at The Granary, Thelnetham Windmill, IP22 1JS, Monday 27th May 11-4. (Thelnetham windmill is also open that day)

Message from David Steel:

Walk to Walsingham. 

Well, Anne finished her Diss to Walsingham hike (approx 75 miles) with a 10 mile stretch from Gt Ryburgh. I'm sorry I haven't been at choir in recent weeks to tell you about this in person.

However,  if you do want to contribute to her fundraising effort (currently £500+) please email me on and I'll send you Anne's bank details - with her full consent!!.

Many thanks for reading this. David

Penny told us about a group of her friends doing a walk, raising money for Mesothelioma UK, in memory of her husband Chris.They have completed the walk now but if you'd still like to support the cause here's the link:

Jean Collins is doing the pink ladies tractor run. Here's the link if you'd like to support her on July 7th. 

They leave Thorpe Abbotts airfield at 11.30am, process through Harleston Street at approx 12.30pm,  then, after sharing a lunch with friends and families at Gawdy Hall, resume the run at 3pm and return to Thorpe Abbotts at approx. 4.30pm.

From Emily













If you've made it this far down the page - well done! Hope you all have a great summer xx



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